Mela Vino Wine Brand Strategy & Verbal Identity (Creative Copy)

  • Debora Tonet

As the master wordsmith and branding whiz behind Mela Vino, a premium wine brand, I was on a mission to craft the perfect verbal identity and messaging. Armed with a wealth of research on Mela Vino's core demographic, I set out to create a voice that would resonate with their taste buds and speak to their souls. I wanted to bridge the gap between the customer and the product, creating a messaging strategy that would have them saying "cheers!" in no time. I developed a brand voice that was sophisticated yet approachable, like a sommelier who's not afraid to crack a joke or two. My copy sang of the brand's commitment to quality and craftsmanship, leaving no doubt that Mela Vino was a cut above the rest. The result was a clear and compelling verbal identity that hit all the right notes, bringing people together and encouraging them to savour the moment with every sip. With a glass of Mela Vino in hand, there was no occasion too small or too big to celebrate. So whether you're clinking glasses with your best buds or popping a bottle to mark a milestone, Mela Vino is the perfect companion. Cheers to that! Click here for website -