Melissa SK8

  • Carol Althaller

In a sport initially disseminated by men, a few girls have fought tooth and nail to rise to the top. They fearlessly took to the streets, never worrying about the scrapes and scratches that – need we remind you – go along with the turf. Surfing the asphalt, these girls gave new significance to urban space. They helped forge a skate culture that was woven together with feminine empowerment. They stimulate a lifestyle that redefines previous concepts of fashion, art, and design. Inspired by them, Melissa is launching Melissa Sk8: Melissa's first skateboard. Numbered and in limited edition, only 1979 of them will hit stores. The deck, shaped in transparent plastic, has the unmissable design of our most classic model: Aranha 79. And the wheels have golden glitter, just to add a little feminine esthetic to its vector of velocity. I'm the creative leader of this project through my company ANTI which teamed up with Obvious.CC for Melissa SK8 Campaign.