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Whilst studying Graphic Design, I'm working at Mellor&Rose - a design studio based in the North West of England. We specialise in hand lettering and calligraphy - we host regular workshops in Modern Calligraphy, Brush Lettering and Chalk Lettering across various venues in the North West such as CASS Art - alongside teaching I'm also creating content both online and offline; such as blog posts and engaging YouTube videos.

Mother's Day Calligraphy - Post on our online journal
Each Mother's Day, we as daughters (and sons!) we look for something a little special for our mums - which can easily turn into something short of a nightmare! But if you’re looking for anything handmade/ homemade to give to your loved one we have an idea for you.
If you’re buying a gift and thinking of adding your own unique twist, attach a hand lettered gift tag or note to your gift and while you’ve got your pen in hand - we have a Mother's Day hand lettered envelope template for you to try your hand at! Perfect for writing you own cards and adding your personal touch to your gifts. Our mum does a fair bit of calligraphy so we’ll be upping our game this year!

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