Men's Sharing Circle

  • Phil Nayna

A monthly get together for Men. An open space for Men to share what is going on for them - challenges they are facing, difficult emotions they have not been able to express, and any other obstacles that are getting in the way of them showing up fully as a man. We create a safe, judgement free container for men to share openly. Each man will have an opportunity to share with the group something they are working through - they will be heard and fully supported by the other men in the group. As men, we have been taught to suppress difficult emotions - to be ‘strong’ to ‘man up’ to ‘not be soft’. When we suppress emotions, and don’t speak our truth - it can lead to toxic forms of masculinity - unnecessary aggression, frustration, and anger; which we often take out on those we love the most. It can also lead to patterns of behaviour that are out of alignment with who we are, withdrawal and dissociation. In these monthly meet ups, I will be encouraging you to ‘speak up’, to say what you feel. To allow yourself to feel. And learn to articulate your emotions, so you can connect more deeply in your relationships. You will have the support of the other men in the group, who will help you to: - [ ] Let go of any shame you are holding onto - [ ] Reframe old beliefs that are holding you back - [ ] Own your fears & insecurities - get comfortable with them, learn to articulate them, and to take action despite of them. - [ ] Build more authentic relationships in your life We also discuss our deepest desires and impulses, and how we can learn to be less driven by them. To lead with purpose, not impulse. My vision is to build a community of conscious men, who are on a journey to undo the conditioning of their past, work on themselves, and actualise their potential as a man.


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