Mental Health Foundation: I'm Fine Print and Online Campaign

  • Grant Bailey
For this campaign we were tasked with increasing awareness around the Mental Health Foundation, which helps to tackle issues surrounding mental health in the UK. To do this we created an approach that would secure the foundation national coverage in major print and online publications.
After liaising with the client and settling on some key goals for the campaign, we took the brief to brainstorm. Once the session was complete the client chose our 'I'm Fine' idea to develop, which would take the form of a video-led campaign:
For this idea we would like to produce a video around the concept of ‘I’m Fine’, exploring how often Brits will use the phrase when asked about how they are feeling.
This could take a very simple but effective form, sending a reporter out on the streets to ask people on the street simply – ‘How are you feeling?’ Depending on the respondents this could result in elements of humour or a more serious tone, but should serve to highlight how often we use the catch-all ‘I’m fine’ term. We could back up the story with research into the incidences when we use ‘I’m fine’.
How often do we use it? When do we use it? Why do we use it? Are we using ‘I’m fine’ as a way to avoid uncovering deeper feelings? Do we use it to avoid revealing ourselves to others? These are all angles we could explore in the research.
Copy could read:
A survey into the feelings of the nation has revealed that Brits are feeling ‘fine’, apparently.
A study of 2,000 adults has found that X in X will respond with the phrase ‘I’m fine,’ when asked how they are feeling, though just XX per cent of these really mean it.
X in X will say ‘I’m fine’ to avoid a deeper discussion about their emotions, while XX per cent use it as a quick phrase to end a conversation quickly.
Worryingly, just XX per cent of Brits say they are comfortable discussing their feelings with a loved one.
A spokesperson from the Mental Health Foundation, who commissioned the research, said: “XXXXX

The project required the coordination of the creative and video teams throughout. The campaign achieved 19 pieces of coverage for the Mental Health Foundation including print shows in the Daily Express, the Daily Star and the Daily Mirror.