Mentor Clinic- Branding and business storytelling

  • Iris Mir

Regular mentor at the mentor clinics of Paperclip, a co-working space and accelerator in Hong Kong. Mentoring on the topic of Branding and business storytelling to entrepreneurs and Startups. Wondering how to succeed in the challenging game of persuasion? This mentoring session will focus on how startups can leverage storytelling to solve business problems and find their authenticity. With the right insight, you don’t need a big team to get your message out. Come with questions on how to integrate narrative into the core of your brand identity; and see how it can be used throughout the development process: from a business idea, through the execution of a product or service, to the final client. Use this unique way of defining your brand during business presentations, product pitches, client meetings or conferences, as well when you need to reach audiences online through multimedia content in blogs and social networks. Find out how to make engagement your most valuable asset through narrative that sticks to your start-up’s message. Link to the event: