Mercure Hotels - (Christmas Brochure Copy)

  • Tevin Akinyemi

During my time at Intermarketing Agency, I worked alongside my creative director on 'Mercure Hotels' Christmas brochure for their upcoming festive events. As well as the copy you see, our company design team had also created a series of complementary content and images all mass-producing 'Mercure Hotels' Christmas campaign for 2018.

'Let it Snow' was the headline on the front cover of the brochure. I specifically decided to use phrases that weren't too foreign to people. Especially during that period of the calender year.

Still keeping the copy on the front page as snippy as possible, I consiously wanted to use very descriptive and enticing words to lure in the readers.
Below, was the copy on the very first page once opening the brochure. Again, I consciously wanted to use very descriptive words that 'Mercure Hotels' target audience would understand and relate to most.

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