Methodist Church in Ireland – Bringing church into the 21st century

  • Gregg Reid
  • Craig Norwood

The Methodist Church in Ireland is an all-Irish Christian denomination and the fourth largest church body in Northern Ireland. They approached us to help create a new brand identity and website which would fit the needs of their congregation – all fifty thousand of them. A brand for the church, and the people within it. Two hundred and thirty-seven years of history, preparing for the future.

As part of a wider communications strategy, MCI aimed to launch a new website to usher in a new chapter for the church. Through discussions and workshops, we identified that a more holistic approach was necessary to drive true change for the church as a united organisation.

The church’s brand needed to be refined, and without existing brand guidelines it had been stretched and pulled in multiple directions for years. The new visual identity focuses on the iconic orb – an international symbol of the Methodist Church, and is optimised for performance across web, print, social media and smartphone use.
We met MCI at a point of physical change – all of their organisations had made the geographic move to Edgehill House and as a part of this wider organisational structure, decided to bring all five sub-brands together on one online hub.
We designed a website that has user experience at the very forefront, making the site work for you whether you’re six or sixty. A rethink of the site’s performance and structure lets content grab your attention, and a new menu system makes it easy to find what you’re looking for.
Delivering digital transformation to an organisation on this scale does not happen overnight. Working closely with the church’s internal communications team and oven a dozen key stakeholders, we spent the best part of six months crafting this new identity and website.

The Methodist Church in Ireland now has a new lease of life as a modern church family with over 200 years of history.

Focused on the future, thanks to the past.


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