Miele - 'Chef Inspired Kitchens' Part 2

  • Ann-Margaret Polius
  • Laura Jordan Bambach

For the latest in our ‘Chef Inspired Kitchens’ series with Miele, the premium home appliances brand, we turned the camera on our own creative partner, Laura Jordan Bambach. The ‘Chef Inspired Kitchens’ series explores how top chefs and ambitious homecooks can use Miele’s high-end kitchen technology for greater precision with their recipes. In making the work, it soon transpired that foodie Laura was precisely the sort of person Miele wanted to reach, and so she was invited to step in front of the lens. The film features Laura and her husband, meeting chefs Douglas McMaster, owner of Silo and CUB, and Anna Hansen, owner of the Modern Pantry, sharing recipe inspiration and discussing how they use Miele appliances to cook with precision. The experiences with the chefs helped Laura choose which appliances to have in her new kitchen. The film culminates in a tour of Laura’s kitchen renovation featuring innovative new Miele appliances, including the combination steam oven, warming drawer and temperature controlled induction hob. Anna Hansen then visits and helps cook for a dinner party. It ends with the line “Precision. Passion. Perfection.” Dominic Worsley, Marketing and Retail Sales Director at Miele, said, “It’s perhaps a little unorthodox to turn the lens on the creative director in this way. But in making our Chef Inspired Kitchens series, Laura emerged as a natural choice to star in our next film. With her passion for food, strong understanding of the brand and attention to detail, she represents our target market. And we knew she’d whip up something amazing in the kitchen, too.”

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