Mighty Bear Games – Game Writing & Narrative Design

  • Griffin Haworth

At Mighty Bear Games I led narrative development on Butter Royale, the studio's flagship title, and later created and successfully pitched the narrative conceit behind their newest game, the story-driven merge adventure Best Friends Cafe. I was regularly tasked with plotting and presenting narrative concepts expanding the food-themed, family-friendly Butter Royale universe to Mighty Bear's Product team and senior management. Narrative/Game Writing experience by project: Best Friends Cafe • Conceiving and writing story; creating and building out characters, settings, and in-game items. • Integrating narrative into FTUE design • Briefing and liaising with Art team on the Best Friends Cafe Art Bible – Advising on look, feel, tone, and ensuring visual themes dovetailed effectively with narrative ones. • Defining design pillars and feature ideas as part of Best Friends Cafe development team; workshops and discussions with Designers, Engineers, Artists, and Product Owner. Butter Royale • Writing character backstories for use in-game, on social media, and in marketing plans pitched to Apple Arcade • Overseeing in-game text, naming items and characters, and liaising with Localisation team on conventions and best practices Studio-Wide • Used 12Traits to gather and leverage player and audience insights on themes and narrative; incorporated learnings into work on Product and narrative design • Narrative concepts for new projects