MIRRORS - Brand Identity & Strategy

  • Lera Bolkonskaia

MIRRORS is a boutique hair studio established in Kyiv, Ukraine despite the full-scale war. I’ve collaborated with Olena Bila, the owner and hair stylist, on her studio Brand Strategy and Identity. CHALLENGE 1. Is it sustainable to establish a hair studio in extreme circumstances when beauty is not a priority and there is a significant economic crisis? 2. Differentiation from competitors. How to stand out? SOLUTION 1. A user survey was done asking Ukrainian women 30-35 years old what studio they would want to visit. These women didn’t have the opportunity to take care of themselves and have been facing enormous stress. Having their hair washed, styled, colored, or cut would bring them a feeling of a miracle and a peaceful life. 2. MIRRORS is focused on care, gentle attitude, and trust instead of increasing their income and following trends.