Miss Nothing with a National Art Pass

  • Liz Workman
  • Elinor Trigg
  • Katie Colhoun

Shiny floors, blueberry muffins, hurricane hand-dryers… and lots of fantastic art. You really will miss nothing when visiting museum and galleries with a National Art Pass.

The UK’s museums and galleries really are places of wonder. Incredible people, incredible spaces, incredible exhibits.
To celebrate everything they have to offer, director and music video maestro Ian Pons Jewell takes a sideways glance at what makes them so special, with the help of actor Tom Hollander (as narrator) and model Lily Newmark (in the lead role).
There’s the art of course, and the ancient artefacts, and the amazing architecture, but let’s not forget those canteen cakes, hidden corners and quirky qualities too.

A National Art Pass gives you free entry to over 240 museums, galleries and historic houses across the UK, as well as 50% off entry to many major exhibitions. Order yours online to make sure you really do miss nothing.