Missing People "Phone Call"

  • Emma Castagno

MISSING PEOPLE REVEAL A DEVASTATING PRODUCT DEMO TO GET YOU TO SAVE THEIR NEW NUMBER The charity Missing People generated mass awareness of their new phone number with a powerful interactive drama the audience could not forget: viewers had to phone the ad to hear the rest of the story which showcased how the charity helps both the missing and those left behind. After listening in, they would receive a text inviting them to store the charity’s new number, 116 000, inside their phones. We leave audiences with the message "we hope you never need us." The campaign worked across film, mobile, online, print, poster and latterly, radio. Trevor Beattie also gave it a roar of approval in Campaign. Thanks, Trevor. The film was both pick of the day and week at Campaign Magazine and has also been awarded a Silver Kinsale award. Director: Ben Strebel Photography: Thom Atkinson