• Elliot Forrister

Founded in 2018 by Demon Zhang, MITHRIDATE is a gender neutral, emerging luxury Chinese brand with an overarching appreciation for art and community at the heart of the brand’s DNA. Through Zhang’s considered designs, her work celebrates bespoke craftsmanship combined with Chinese artisanal techniques to provide strength and protection whilst empowering her collaborative, artistic, global community. Zhang captures the delicate balance between romance, independence and self-preservation, encouraging self confidence and body positivity to empower. Well established and successful in China with 7 stores in premium shopping locations, Zhang is dedicated to expanding MITHRIDATE's name globally. Characterised through motifs of tulle smoke veils and rough edged earth-tones, juxtaposed by opulent tailoring, intricate Swarovski Crystals and pearls are hand embroidered with rich, royal hues. The power of this pandemic drew parallels to the upheaval and reformation of society seen during the Industrial Revolution. This Autumn/Winter 2022 collection sartorially animates the stark class divide during this period where working classes laboured to develop new manufacturing processes and environments that seemingly benefited only the elite.