Mixmag - Sustainable Sesh: How Clubs and Festivals are Boosting the Green Agenda

  • Scott Claridge
  • livia likurti

A freelance piece for Mixmag that explored how both the festival and club scenes are helping to boost a wider green agenda. The focus was not purely to point out the negative environmental impact that these events may have, but instead to pinpoint how the industry blends both pleasure and environmental discourse in a way that positively effects wider perspectives of climate change and matters of sustainability. I interviewed a number of industry heads including people from Boomtown Fair, Shambala Festival, A Greener Festival, and club promoters Materials. "As awareness levels rise, the effect can only be positive. From Attenborough talking of the alarming effects of plastic at Glastonbury to Boomtown blending real-world climate issues into its evolving, fictitious storyline, the conversation is building. Events like these are leading by example by building environmental issues into their core. Their actions are shifting opinions on climate change and encouraging the wider clubbing industry to take sustainability seriously." https://mixmag.net/feature/sustainable-sesh-how-clubs-and-festivals-are-boosting-the-green-agenda