Mizuno Performance Centre - London 2012 Olympics

  • Stefano Scaglione

For the London 2012 Olympics, Japanese sports brand Mizuno launched a pop-up store to celebrate its Mizuno 'Seiei' range. Meaning 'elite' in Japanese, the Seiei range is worn by some of the most elite athletes in sports. At Imperial Leisure, we created digital, social and mobile applications to enhance the visitor experience at the 'Mizuno Performance Centre' and to amplify the reach of the centre by encouraging visitors to tell their friends. 1) Website We created a microsite to celebrate Mizuno's 100+ years of history and tell the story behind the Seiei range. The website was also a way to encourage visitors to pre-register for the Mizuno Performance Centre in advance. 2) Social Media We created several campaigns for the pre and post-launch of the Mizuno Performance Centre. Before the opening, we created an app that encouraged customers to invite 3 friends to the Mizuno Performance Centre for a chance to win VIP entry. This was done through a specially designed Facebook app. After the centre opened, we launched several Facebook apps that tracked customer scores from physical games and activities that were available at the centre. Visitors were able to share their scores and challenge the friends for daily prizes. 3) Tablet Apps We created a series of iPad apps for the event staff and for customers to use at the Mizuno Performance Centre. The first app was a registration app that checked visitors details against pre-registrations. We also built in a Facebook check-in feature that encouraged visitors to 'check in' upon arrival for a chance to win a prize. The second app we created was used to input your score from one of the mini-games available at the centre. The data was then used to create a leaderboard with sharing mechanics to challenge friends. The leaderboard was used to award daily prizes. All the apps were synced to a database for real-time data access and storage.