Modern Living Manifesto

  • Michael Peters
  • Alice Fraser

I was a part of Modern Living Manifesto, where I helped to create and curate a weekend exhibition alongside other students at SIA for the Sheffield Modern festival in November 2019. The festival was a celebration of social housing in Sheffield. We created the branding for the exhibition as well as our own pieces to put in the space. The branding consisted of logo, identity, programmes, social media, signage and advertising. We used a bright red as the main colour for the identity to reflect the political message behind the exhibition. We used the typeface Brown for the identity, as it was such a clear and bold typeface which helped to make all the students' message clearer to all the gallery visitors. My own piece was a series of posters, inspired by mid-century graphic design, which spoke about the awful situation Sheffield's current council housing was in. From underfunded Gleadless Valley, once dubbed ‘Little Switzerland’ to Park Hill, an infamous building which has been bought by private developers charging huge sums of money for accommodation which once belonged to the people. This project really added to my skill set and helped to give me an understanding of how to create, design and curate an exhibition with a limited time frame and budget.