• Roshan Takhar

Celebrate Diversity - This brief was written in response to President Trump's travel ban. Which includes a four-month ban on refugee resettlement, whilst the administration analyses the vetting system. As a law, it is seen globally as extremely hurtful, with racist implications conveyed. It thus tarnishes America's reputation and civilians from the banned countries. The main aim of the brief was to inform the mislead of the false implications of the ban, in an engaging way, that works to reduce prejudice and unite people through a celebrate diversity movement.

The poster needed to be more artistic and engaging. A poster that adopts the same style as the animation would’ve been less engaging. In term’s of making it relative as a project the colour scheme remains consistent throughout using black,white and red as the only source colours. Red being used as the primary as it is a emotionally intense colour, and acts as a red flag of mutiny and rebellion.
Being a serious political and emotional subject, the animation needed to be handled in the right why, whilst also making sure the message was delivered in an artistic engaging format. The minimal and sophisticated style of design was used to further enhance the message being delivered. Using the aid of shape and form, allowed the type to do the talking and the shape to do the walking.
To market awareness stickers were used; adopting the style and content of the poster in a smaller format, gives opportunity for people to take notice outside of the usual context, which helps further build on the #celebratediversity movement through use of symbol. The two stripes in the design is an inclusion of the equality symbol.
This project incorporates Lady Liberty in its designs. Themes such as friendship between nations and freedom from oppression are present. Before air travel Lady Liberty was seen as the welcoming symbol for immigrants traveling to the United states for the first time. It could not be more relevant to the ethos behind my project.
Social media is at the heart of my movement to help broaden the conversation and build connections. Creating an online forum, and uploading consistant content with images and videos that are emotionally engaging and informative, similar to the ones I have produced for this brief will support the movement. The like & sharing element will be influential to spreading the message.