Most wholesome music video award goes to...

  • Tee Peters
  • Yeside Williams
  • Qozeem Achilleas Lawal

This is probably the most wholesome song you would've heard in a while ✨ I wrote a thank you song to all my listeners, released it on one of their birthdays & it's called Uzma Flow. I made the song with my producer partner Mensing, as a celebration for those who have been interacting & supporting my music. We distributed the song privately to fans via email where they would get a bespoke message from myself, thanking them for how much they've helped my journey so far.

A month later, we decided it was time to release the project officially. And with that we went the extra mile. I found out that Uzma's birthday was coming up so I set the release for the day before and got a photoshoot & music video sorted out release on the day as a surprise. It was rose gold and pink themed based on her favourite colours (a guess I took based on her feed) and the concept was me holding up the name's of a few of the people who had supported - including Uzma. Later in the video I reveal that actually, the song and video weren't the only gifts but there was more. You can see my stylist Qozeem and Assistant Director Yeside reacting to the fact that I made them all a bespoke care package with merchandise, stickers and handwritten note (1:23)! See the video below
On the big day I had one more plan. I wanted to really show a sense of community for people who listen to my music and so I got everyone I could to tag Uzma with the hashtag #HappyBirthdayUzma in hopes that it would lift her spirits especially knowing the situation (virus, lockdown, isolation etc) I thought it would be nice.

To be honest as I was doing this I was filled with doubt and fear of potential embarressment for both of us. What if no one responded ? But that was quickly dowsed. In the first hour recieved over 100 notifciations of people saying Happy Birthday to Uzma...

She cried
It feels good being able to do something nice for people. I've spent this week sending everyone thank you messages for getting involved because it means so much to see my work have an impact on people

You can listen to Uzma Flow here
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