Mother London x KFC (Sharing Campaign)

  • Luke Freeman ✓✐

Mother London briefed me to design KFC sharing meals into a campaign for social and digital out of home. As this was a commercial campaign all assists had to be bespoke. The direction was explore poster tears, collage, the tears was used to reveal campaign copy. To support the campaign, I created handmade collages using KFC images. In the process I photographed and scanned textures (tears), spray paint, marker pen textures and drawing out type with markers, making stencils. Out of this 3 collages were made and a stickers to promote the meal deal. Although collages was never used in the final campaign, somehow manage to incorporate them into the OOH as part of tear reveals. Project Date: 2019 Agency: Mother London Producer: Amber Atherton Motion Design: Luke Freeman Assistance Motion Designers: Huw Caddy, Thomas Malins Design/Creative: Luke Freeman