Mother Nature and Her Trees

  • Yasmin Carter-Morgan

Mother Nature and Her trees is the first in a series of children's books that aim to educate young children on the importance of Mother Nature, written from her perspective. Each book focuses on one tree at a time, starting with the Kapok tree, and revealing who depends on the tree to survive. . As an accompanying tool to Mother Nature and Her Trees series of books, I designed a bank note with both a symbolic and monetary value. Through my research I had found that 1 tree can support up to 1000 lives, including plants, humans and animals. This bank note is for 1000 lives from the Bank of Mother Nature and there is one note in each book purchased. With this note, £1 is loaded to it from the profits of the book and it is up to the reader and their guardian to go to the website and choose which environmental charity to donate it to. The basic idea is: 1 book gives you the chance to contribute to saving 1000 lives.

Inside pages of Mother Nature and Her Trees
Both sides of the 1,000 Lives Bank of Mother Nature bank note.
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