Mother's Day

  • Alice Harrison

Using flowers as my medium to celebrate Mothers and champion the craft of artisan florists. Created for a digital florist that celebrates and works with local florists to deliver unique and handpicked bouquets in the UK and US.


Show us your creative skills! Let’s say it’s Mother’s day and we want to remind people to send their mum’s flowers. Create an asset that will stand out, draw attention, make people laugh or maybe remind them how important their mothers are. Just be different. 

Creative Concept

Considering the focus of Mother's Day and using flowers as my medium, I chose to create a series of Mothers that would represent different consumer groups and the diversity of Mothers by illustrating a range of ages, styles and ethnicities.
With my visuals I wanted to inject a sense of fun by creating stimulating imagery and a short video that can be used on a variety of promotional platforms. I arranged the flowers physically prior to the digital editing and illustration to celebrate and reference the craftsmanship of the artisans that the brand collaborates with.
​The sense of community and representation of the diversity of Mothers is reflected through the contrasting colour palettes, illustrations, flowers used and text. For example, the ‘Mother’ visual details a muted palette and a single flower-type whereas the new ‘Mummy’ visual boasts vibrant hues and a variety of flowers.
The deliberate differences in the Mothers presented ensures the campaign appeals to brand's wide audience. The images have been designed to work successfully on digital and printed mediums. The visuals can be used as stand alone images or shared in film format. 


When choosing the flowers that would appear in my visuals I wanted to reference the spring-time season. I used flowers from my own garden and from my local florist. 
Each image was designed to appeal a variety of consumers through the contrasting colour palettes and flower types/compositions used. The ‘Mother’ image on the grey background uses a single type of flower to represent a Mum that prefers a more muted palette in her home. Whereas the ‘Mum’ image with the Rose corset is designed using a variety of flowers for a Mother who likes a more vibrant colour palette. 
​Using a spectrum of palettes and flower-types references the different styles and colours of bouquets that the brand's florists can provide. 
The physical arrangement of the flowers deliberately celebrates the craftsmanship of the florists. I wanted to represent this as I feel this is one of the unique elements of brand. 

Pre and Post Illustration

Using Adobe Illustrator I injected personality into each image to celebrate the many identities of Mothers. The composition not only reflects varying psycho-graphics of Mothers but also the diversity of flower arrangements and palettes that the brand's florists can provide.
The 'Mummy' visual as seen above was created to celebrate new Mothers on Mother's Day. To maintain the simplicity of the image this is referenced through the hugging of the flower - ‘the bud in the belly’ and the use of the noun ‘Mummy’, the name stereotypically used by a child. 

Social Media

I have designed the images using the brand's retouching specification so that they can be used as a social media campaign. I have deliberately used block colour backgrounds to work harmoniously with the current social media aesthetic. I believe the images would work successfully in the printed medium also. 
​For further impact I have made the images into a short video so that this can be posted or used as a social media story. The handwriting typography has been included to directly connote the action of writing the heartfelt accompanied when sending our loved ones flowers.