Alice Harrison

Alice Harrison

Branding, Design & ArtworkingManchester, United Kingdom
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Alice Harrison

Alice Harrison

Branding, Design & ArtworkingManchester, United Kingdom
About me
Nice to meet you! I'm Alice, I'm a multidisciplinary designer with a love of vibrant colour, immersive art and big ideas. Specialising in brand identity & packaging design, creative direction & illustration, I bring brands to life through creative vision & strategic thinking. I work with a wide range of clients, from start-ups to global corporations. I strive to go above and beyond for my clients, with an emphasis on attention to detail I take a strategic approach that aligns every design decision with the client's goals and objectives. My passion lies in visual communication, I've worked in the UK and Berlin across editorial and creative roles, most recently as Senior Campaign & Branding Executive for global beauty brand SHRINE. My clients now include SHRINE, REFY Beauty, Glossify, IRÄYE Skincare and more. If you're interested in working together, please tell me a little bit about your project scope/deliverables, timeline, and budget. If you just want to say hi, feel free to reach out!
  • Glossify Rebrand
    Glossify RebrandTYPE OF CLIENT Beauty: Nails DELIVERABLES: - Rebranding, Creative Direction, - Website Design, Packaging Design - Brand guidelines - 40+ page brand bible - Logo rules - Tone of voice - Favicon - Colour palette - Typography and hierarchy - Creative direction / Brand vision - Campaign & photoshoot guidelines - Packaging design - Email marketing identity - Social media guidelines - Social media templates - Social media grid plan - Website design
  • SHRINE DROP IT Refresh
    SHRINE DROP IT RefreshOne bottle. Endless Shades. A year on from the launch of SHRINE DROP IT, I rebranded and redesigned the SHRINE website and updated the campaign to focus more on the multi-use/create any shade element of the hair dye drops. The campaign showcases the versatility of the product. Head over to to experience my website design. As Senior Campaign and Branding Executive, I was responsible for: Concept development Campaign management Creative direction Shoot direction Art directio
  • SHRINE DROP IT: Toner Launch
    SHRINE DROP IT: Toner LaunchDue to the success of the original DROP IT colour collection that I led creatively, SHRINE launched a collection of 4 hair toners. As Senior Campaign and Branding Executive, I was responsible for: Concept and development Tone of voice Messaging Packaging design Campaign/shoot planning and management Creative direction Art direction Graphic design Branding Website design Video editing
    SHRINE: DROP ITBreak boundaries not the bank with the world's first multi-use and non-permanent hair dye dropper. DROP IT has launched and it’s here to disrupt! Using only one bottle you can create up to 30 full head colours and achieve a spectrum of unreal results. From perfect pastels to rich vibrants, simply add your desired amount of drops into any conditioner and apply to your hair, it’s that easy. Vegan, cruelty free and plastic reducing, feel as good as you look with guilt-free purchasing.
  • Mother's Day
    Mother's DayUsing flowers as my medium to celebrate Mothers and champion the craft of artisan florists. Created for a digital florist that celebrates and works with local florists to deliver unique and handpicked bouquets in the UK and US.
  • WAH London x Boots
    WAH London x BootsA short film advertisement designed to engage the contemporary consumer of WAH London while taking inspiration from a film that has influenced fashion.
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Projects credited in
  • Mutt Magazine
    Mutt MagazineMutt Magazine arrived into the independent print scene as a result of a project collaboration with Stack Magazines. Created by myself and my fellow dog-loving co-founders, Alice Harrison and Rosie Spence, Mutt Mag is fuelled by our love of dogs and compassion for the cause. This magazine is a vibrant and impassioned piece of print which celebrates rescue dogs in all their glory. It was born of the necessity to both honour a dog’s impact on our lives and to educate readers on the contemporary c
  • Paul Smith
    Paul SmithA research brief set to gain a deeper understanding of the fashion industry landscape and with a direct focus on the internationally renowned brand Paul Smith. This was a chance to identify potential new routes and ideas within the Nottingham based institution and propose, create and execute new ideas which could reignite the brand's popularity amongst the younger consumer, in turn evolving the Paul Smith brand. As one of the artistic directors on this project, this was the perfect opportunity
Work history
    iGNANT logo
    iGNANT logo
    Editorial InterniGNANT
    Berlin, GermanyInternship
    Seeking to remove myself from my comfort zone, I temporarily relocated to Berlin to work at iGNANT, the award-winning magazine focused on art, architecture, and design. I thrived in a small editorial team and a fast-paced environment. I was responsible for the strategising, management and creation of original content, both editorially and digitally. Additionally to my editorial position, I proposed concepts for iGNANT Production, which were taken forward and I became solely responsible for. As such, I channeled my skills in idea generation, creative direction and project management regarding a short film which will be premiered later this year. By moving to Berlin I also strived to network with and build relationships with individuals in the European independent publishing industry. Created a high volume of original content aligned with and complementary to the brand identity. Managed the production of content across all digital channels, ensuring quality control and consistency through concise, engaging copy. Developed digital content formats and features according to company goals. Analysed reader data to propose creative concepts for iGNANT Magazine and iGNANT Production to act as features and increase the consumer following. Developed written and verbal communication skills. Demonstrated and improved my journalistic and editing skills. Thrived in a fast-paced editorial environment. Demonstrated my ability to work efficiently independently and collaboratively. By prioritising tasks I regularly exceeded my daily targets.
    Co-founder, Creative Director, Artworker, Editor, Social Media ManagerMutt Magazine
    London, United KingdomFull Time
    Briefed by Stack Magazines, I was tasked with devising and creating a brand new niche publication. Mutt Magazine is an independent and exuberant publication, created in response to our compassion for the cause, which seeks to better the chances for rescue dogs. My skill set was present in every aspect of the project production and management, from concept to execution and promotion. I was responsible for idea and name generation, concept development, design recipe and application of such, content development, promotion via digital platforms and physical events, printing specifications and communications. Post-university, I strived to continue feeding my passion for print, working on Mutt Magazine’s physical and digital presence, liaising with printers and stockists. Through this process I gained valuable experience regarding distribution and sales of an independent publication. Mutt Magazine is now sold in magCulture and Fetch & Follow in London and Athenaeum Nieuwscentrum in Amsterdam. Mutt Magazine was nominated as Student Magazine of the Year by the 2017 Stack Magazines Awards. Devised and created the niche-publication Mutt Magazine. My skill set was present in each aspect of production, from concept to execution and promotion: Market research and analysis. Presentations to clients. Idea and name generation. Concept and content development. Print design of front cover and inside of the magazine. Journalism. Liaising with collaborators, partners (RSPCA), advertisers, consumers, printers and stockists. Integrated marketing strategy. Promotion via digital platforms and physical events. Sales and distribution to stores in London and Amsterdam. Developed leadership and management skills as the co-founder of the magazine and the first point of contact. Developed time management and organisational skills by working to tight deadlines while simultaneously completing further extensive university projects and working freelance as a writer. Demonstrated my ability to cope confidently under pressure. Exemplified a high level of attention to detail - produced an additional newspaper supplement entitled ‘Mutt Mail”. Executed the project with enthusiasm and professionalism. Exemplified my skill in branding and graphic design.
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  • Writing
  • Idea Generation
  • Concept Development
  • Visual Communication
  • Creative Art Direction
  • Print Design
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Conceptual Thinking
  • Collaborating
    BA(Hons) Fashion Communication PromotionNottingham Trent University
     - Nottingham, United Kingdom
    I graduated from Nottingham Trent University with a High First Class Honours in Fashion Communication & Promotion, I have obtained valuable understanding in communicating within our contemporary visual-first culture. The course primarily focused on visual communication and fashion media. As such, I have gained extensive experience in a range of sectors: creative/art direction, idea generation, art working, editorial design, project management, photo and video editing, promotions and marketing and trend forecasting.