WAH London x Boots

  • Alice Harrison
  • Jay Harris

A short film advertisement designed to engage the contemporary consumer of WAH London while taking inspiration from a film that has influenced fashion.

Year: 2016
Client: WAH London x Boots (University set brief)
During a live project with Boots and in a team of six, we were required to create a comms strategy and a fashion film designed to engage the consumer of WAH London while taking inspiration from a film that has influenced fashion, in our case this was Desperately Seeking Susan.
After analysing key research insights regarding WAH London, its relationship with Boots and consumer behiabour, we decided to promote WAH London’s ‘Going Global’ status, which WAH founder, Sharmadean Reid expressed as her aspiration for the brand in an interview with i-D in 2014.
For the fashion film, we decided to adopt the emerging trend of ‘Digital Distortion’, channelling the contemporary devotion to the hyper-real as associated with the WAH consumer. The Desperately Seeking Susan references arrive within the styling, attitude, colour palette and prop.
Working as the art director, I was responsible for the cinematic vision and the infusing of the 'Digital Distortion' trend that was appearing in digital campaigns in the fashion and lifestyle industries (2016).
To maintain the connection between the contemporary trend and the retro aesthetic of Depserately Seeking Susan, I sourced three VHS televisions and worked with director and the cinematographer, shooting three separate films that would mirror, reflect and flow harmoniously from left to right.
The final films were edited strategically by myself and a film editor. The three films were then edited into a fourth, once we had filmed the three televisions in perfect timing. The use of multiple televisions introduced a dual narrative and a subtle nod to the diverse consumer groups we aimed to target.