• Alice Harrison

Break boundaries not the bank with the world's first multi-use and non-permanent hair dye dropper. DROP IT has launched and it’s here to disrupt! Using only one bottle you can create up to 30 full head colours and achieve a spectrum of unreal results. From perfect pastels to rich vibrants, simply add your desired amount of drops into any conditioner and apply to your hair, it’s that easy. Vegan, cruelty free and plastic reducing, feel as good as you look with guilt-free purchasing.

Packaging design

SHRINE has been developing DROP for the past two years. Coming in late 2019 as the Creative Campaign and Content Executive I was initially responsible for the packaging design. We chose a bold colour palette with strong graphics in order to stand out in Boots stores against high street brands and reflect our disruptive brand identity.
Creative Direction

Once packaging was finalised, I was repsonsible for the creative direction of the DROP IT campaign. The beauty of DROP IT is that you can create a spectrum of shades up to 30 times using one small bottle. For the campaign I wanted to reference the versatility of the product by diversity of model's styling while ensuring the photography remains strong and simple so not to distract from the real life results.
Graphic design and social media

Once images were taken and retouched by Ruby Robinson, I was responsible for creating all graphics for the launch. This includes creating web & mobile banners and the successful social launch plan that would engage audiences, increase interactivity and attract new customers. Once planned, I was responsible for the creation of the social assets and the management of these over the nine day social takeover.

All social stories can be viewed in highlights on the SHRINE Instagram :
Ecommerce Photography

Similarly to the campaign photography, I was also repsonsible for the creative art direction of the ecommerce photography. Again shot by Ruby Robinson, the product photography maintains the visually stimulating aesthetic of the campaign.

Campaign video

I was responsible for the idea generation, storyboarding, directing and directing of editing of the campaign video, you can view below! Filmed by Kieran O'Toole

Product Development:
Jenna Meek
Danielle Nichol
Charlotte Eastwood

Creative Direction, Graphic and Packaging Design, Social Media Management:
Alice Harrison

Hannah Lacey
Yella Bambi
Tiger Lilly
Lulu Trixabelle
Tiago Mathias
Emily East

Mackenna Rose Hair

Make Up:
MiKi Make Up

Photography and re-touching:
Ruby Robinson

Kieran O'Toole