Mother's Day card for Palestine

  • Raafaye Ali

It says Happy Mother’s Day, a card created for the sole purpose of drawing attention to Palestine as we go about celebrating a day where mothers are being targeted, children are being targeted. I wish for this to help drive donations to a cause that is on my mind each and every day. I've managed to raise £740 for Save the children but welcome any donations With what’s happening being so unprecedented, catastrophic, words really feel inadequate and difficult to articulate the horror of the situation in terms of human loss. I do not want us to grow numb to the horrors we see taking place and wondered if it might be possible to feature a card to centre Palestine on Mother’s Day. As there are thousands of mothers that have been killed, thousands and counting orphaned. Palestinian children who have lost their mothers as a result of this genocide that I don’t want to just feel like a statistic. I strive to shed light on the profound plight of mothers and those faced by Palestinian children, particularly during Mother’s Day, a time meant for celebration but marred by the harsh reality of loss and grief. In crafting this greeting card, I aspire to emphasize the staggering statistic that 9000 women and counting have been killed by Israel, 37 mothers killed each day, 18,000 Palestinian children are orphaned, their lives forever altered by the the subjugation of Palestinians, the very absence of a mother stripping them of the maternal love and guidance we all have and no child should ever loose. Through an illustration trying to depict empathy seeing through the eyes of another a child covering the eyes of their mother. I wanted to make something to depict the empathetic narration of their turmoil of never seeing one another as Refaat said”…bid no one farewell, not even to his flesh not even to himself…”, I wanted to capture the emotional depth of their experience but in reality, I don’t imagine I could ever do it justice. These are printed on poppy seeded cards which will blossom, (the national flower of Palestine) I ask of you to please donate to Palestine in which ever capacity you can. A card once made can be posted to you if you could send me a screenshot of a donation ❤️�#palestine #mothersday #socialjustice #artists4palestine ceasefire #illustration #artistsforceasefire #openrafahcrossing #savethechildren