• Fiona Freund
  • Lise Meyrick

A photography campaign for International Women's Day, Mother's Day and every day.

As International Women’s Day and Mothers Day approach it is all a bit different this year. Last year we were hosting exhibitions at The Houses of Parliament and Brixton Library Gallery. We celebrated the UKs working mums with bold, insightful photography and eye opening stories, we mingled with fabulous female change-makers, danced and sang. But the photograophs are what matters. And the collision of worlds they describe, so familiar to working mums. Above is Jo Baker + 2 from Clyde & Co and Laura Wright + 3 from Lockton.
This year we still have more amazing mums to share with you and we’ll be online in various guises, but we will have to wait till next year to go-large again. But we will! Covid has been meant massive changes for working mums, hopefully flexible working is here to stay but the total lack of support for female business owners who've dared to have a child in the last 3 years and the slashing of jobs in hospitality, retail and cleaning, mean women and mothers have been put back decades in their fight for gender equality and opportunity in the workplace. We have so much MORE to do. Read more about the project and buy the book here
Above Vanessa Vallely OBE + 2, below Danusia Malina-Derben + 10 children!