Movement Festival 2019

  • Tina Touli
  • Kakia Konstantinaki

Client: Movement Festival A Smiling Sisters Production Graphic Design: Tina Touli Video Teaser Concept:Tina Touli Editing & Motion Design: Tina Touli 3D Artists: Kakia Konstantinaki,Tina Touli Video: Ivan Cazzola Track ID: Jamie Jones, Under my con The Movement Festival is the main Italian indoor event for electronic music and a well-testified place among leading electronic music events in Europe. This continuous aim to grow and expand its limits, quality and quantity wise, led to a prestigious recognition – the patronage of the European Commission (shared with the “twin”, open-air event Kappa FuturFestival). But most of all, it led to a loyal following: all people attending feel, in a way, that they’re part of something special, something unique, where the line up and the numbers are a just a part of the whole experience. An experience-based on brotherhood, intensity, innovation, challenges, quality. Along with Kakia Konstantinaki, we had the honour to design the video teaser and the graphics for the Movement Festival 2019 (a Smiling Sisters production).