MTV Ident

  • TeYosh (Teodora & Sofia)
  • Maximiliano Borrego
We were approached by MTV to make an artist video with the topic “Technology”. The video piece consists of three scenes depicting society’s relationship with technology. It was made in 2016 and broadcasted worldwide on MTV.
In the first scene technology dominates in size, but it is still the human element that is orchestrating it. Second scene depicts a perfect, dreamy place, a commonplace landscape symbolising happy day and fresh air. Except that instead of finding clean white laundry, the white spaces are filled with interface designs. As if a psychiatrist asked us to imagine a happy place but our subconscious had to fill in blank sheets with computer interface since it is obsessing our everyday life. With today’s clutter of information it is hard to stand space and time clear of thoughts and (digital) entertainment. The third scene is a depicting the addictive and intimate relationship we have developed to technology, especially in consumeristic society.
Concept: TeYosh Art Direction: TeYosh Animation: TeYosh Sound: Full Force Wolf Horse