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This March our Milan youth & music creative team #creative_youth_and_music
join the forces with the
Creative times of International MTVNE and the LATAM Paramount to celebrate the international women day #IWD, from a different perspective.
Instead of creating motivational pieces which empower the feminine role, we decided to celebrate
the feminine side of creativity choosing great artists female or female identifying from all over Europe and beyond, and let them shine on our platforms.
One of the starting point of this idea was this inspiring article about the need of closing the gender gap in the creative community:
even though outdated it still represents the misconception about women in creative roles which is far from being overcome at least in some part of the world.

Do a simple test:
In 10” name as many contemporary artists, directors, illustrators who come to your mind.
Then make this check.
How many of the artists you listed are males and how many are female?
For sure now, 2023, the numbers of female talents are not so different from the male one but despite reality and number, do female have the same chances to shine?

Thinking about MTV heritage, the answer would be yes.
MTV has always stated that creativity and talent has no gender, no race, no difference but the world outside is still full of stereotypes and bias.
That’s why we decided to use all our platforms to give a voice to female artists and to show their art/ works.
Our team based in Milan, started the recruitment for the Emea and Asia cluster, digging IG and the World Wide Web (such a vintage word) for several weeks.
In parallel we collaborated with Pink Salt, a creative studio based in Milan to spot relevant artists we would like to see/ have on our platforms. At the end of the process we came out with few names but list of our favourites were infinite:
The same talent scouting process were done in parallels in LATAM:
Larissa Ribeiro
Bruna Imai
Yasmin Islas Domínguez
and Uk & international team with:
Sacha Beeley
Vivienne Shao
Leanne Rule
and the results talks by its own.
Amazing great idents/ pieces are now running in our pipeline in the name of women power, femininity, unity & equity.
This initiative was made possible thanks to: Bettina Vogel Amelia Board Marko Domazet Dan Sully Tom McMillen
Big Up for PINK SALT Beatrice Cardile anna caregnato Irene Pollini Giolai Alina Lobanova
and above all our amazing team René Olivo Rudy Catarinelli Sara Agatea Giulia Marcora Ramona Creola Olga Lombard


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