"Music Is My Purpose In Life, It's What God Told Me To Come And Do": Kida Kudz` Talks On Growing Up In Nigeria, Fatherhood and Future Plans

  • Dean George
  • Seun Areoye
  • Danika Magdelena

We interviewed Kida Kudz earlier on this year and had a chat about growing up in Nigeria, fatherhood and future plans. Moving to the UK at 14, Kida Kudz has many fond memories of his early life back home. Although he grew up in a rough area and found himself becoming a self-proclaimed ‘Area Boy’ - a collective term for thugs and gang members - he says it was the ‘best childhood ever’. Being surrounded by so many cultural musical influences, both the ones his mum was listening to - Ebenezer Obey, K1 de ultimate and Fela Kuti to name a few - and ones he made the decision to seek out himself (Lil Wayne, most prominently) is what fuelled his drive to become a musician. Full read is over on the Gauchoworld website