Mustique Private Island

  • Ella Helps
  • Matt Baker
  • Beth-May Leddra-Chapman
Mustique is a private island in the Caribbean archipelago known for the island’s gentle climate and natural beauty of dramatic hilltops and white sand beaches. Drawn by the unique sense of island life, Mustique offers its visitors to enjoy the exclusive luxury villas and hospitality on this exclusive private island.
Having a reputation as the ultimate private island holiday destination,  Verb managed to reposition Mustique as the brand is known to be through a curated digital strategy that involved their website re-design and built. The new site highlights Mustique’s uniqueness and exclusivity and positions the island as a brand to watch in luxury hospitality.

Brand Awareness

The goal was to reposition Mustique as the aspirational brand that everyone knows it to be. To take the island life and all it stands for and to position it online as the pinnacle of luxury hospitality to highlight just how unique the island is. The new website is looking to capture that in such a way that it would inspire new users to visit and entice old guests to return.


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