My Guardian article: The fear of feminists in the boardroom

  • Olivia Knight
We were a small team of women starting Patchwork and to mark the beginning of our journey I designed a 'Feminist' necklace and had them made for all of us as a gift.
I wore my necklace, and still do, everyday. It's a brilliant way to prompt a conversation about feminism at the school gates, in a bar or at a bus stop. The one place it caused 'offence' however was in the boardroom. One of my investors suggested that I stop wearing it in case I put people off usng Patchwork.
At the time I decided to share my thoughts on the subject with The Guardian. A couple of years later, we're all much more 'comfortable' discussing feminism and feminist issues in the media. Yet sadly when it comes to business and particularly in the boardroom we still seem afraid of the F-word. Sadly my words are still relevant, you can read them here.
As an aside, we also sent the necklaces as gifts to women who inspired us from Palamo Faith and Caitlin Moran to Josie Long and Sam Roddick and it all went bonkers in the media. So you can buy you very own feminist necklace for £25 from Tattie Devine.


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