My Soho Times Magazine

  • Kai Lutterodt
  • Paul Todd
  • Paul Choccy T
  • Lingfeng Zheng

Having lived in this dynamic part of London for close to 16yrs, I wanted to create something that can share the voices of Soho's residents, businesses and those who visit - for fun or otherwise! My Soho Times started as a blog in 2012 (though re-branded in 2015) and in summer 2019 I dreamed up the idea to turn it into a hyper local magazine... Because Soho deserves it's own lifestyle mag!

I created a pilot issue so I can have something tangible to show businesses... With little to no budget, I was the editor, designer, writer, and producer for much of the content. For this project to be sustainable it needs funding (100% of businesses l approached loved the idea and wanted to send content - advertorials, 100% also didn't place an ad!) View the online digital verison here:
We're already working on our print launch issue out this winter. Key editorial/content themes are: 
- Soho in the next decade (from developers + local perspectives)
- Networking/Members Club feature
- Health / Fitness / Beauty / Wellbeing
- Fashion through the times (past and present)
- Stories from people who LIVE WORK PLAY in Soho
- Women Who... (Dine, network, socialise feature)
- Community building: Co-working spaces in Soho
- Christmas specials (ads)
- What's On (centre page ad)
- Back page (ad)
If any of these themes (or similar) are of interest please let me know.
Got a Soho/central London based office or venue? Host us! Email Kai
Join the team! Looking for London-based creatives to join this exciting project on a volunatary basis. It's currently unfunded (I'm self-funding print costs from my own pocket), however I expect that once it's up and running funding streams will aline and we'll be able to pay our creatives!

For suggestions, advice, general enquiries please contact me, Kai