Myroo Skincare

  • Abigail Baldwin

We rebranded Myroo Skincare to help them become more aligned with their brand values and focus. This included: brand strategy, customer profiling, corporate identity and a packaging redesign. The new branding and packaging has helped Myroo to secure new stockists and scale past the start-up stage.

Myroo Skincare has a contemporary logo based on the fashionable typeface, Didot. The simplicity and airiness of the logo reflects Myroo’s clean and organic brand values. The logo can be placed on an array of backgrounds which express their brand values of kindness and purity.

As part of the rebrand, Myroo Skincare received an animated ident to express their message in an engaging way. Videos are the most popular form of content on social media, so the ident can be shared as it is or alongside any video content they produce.
Buttercrumble rebranded Myroo Skincare to align the company with their brand values and focus. The new packaging stands out in a saturated marketplace and has helped the brand to secure new stockists. The packaging received great feedback from bloggers and influencers.

"My initial impressions were all really positive! I like the packaging and the labels."
— Amanda, Rhyme & Ribbons
“This is a brand with a unique plant-based selling point – it also helps that the packaging is beyond gorgeous and basically made for instagram.”
— Aine Carlin, PeaSoup