N I C E - D&AD New Blood : Graphite Pencil Winner 2016

  • Rebecca Petts Davies
Set by D&AD and Design Bridge
Break new ground in beauty branding. Create a new-to-world, accessible, mass-market beauty brand that breaks established category codes. Your brand should be a response to some of the issues which modern, post-demographic consumers identify: gender stereotypes, healthy body image, environmental concerns, or any other issues you feel are relivant to users of beauty products today. 

Introducing N I C E - N I C E offers a different kind of cosmetics brand; one that is built upon four main principles that make up the acronym that gives the brand it's name. Natural, inclusive, cruelty free and eco friendly, N I C E breaks new ground in the world of cosmetics branding and shows what a modern day cosmetics brand can, and should, be. Minimal design is used throughout the N I C E branding to communicat only the clearest and most important information to the consumer. All aesthetic elements have been chosen to reflect the N I C E brand values as well as to appeal to a mass-market audience of conscientious consumers.
In my response to this brief I chose to push myself further than simply designing the branding and packaging - I taught myself how to make soap and other natural cosmetics which allowed me to have full creative control over every aspect of the brand I was building. The final outcomes of this project were; the creation and design of the N I C E brand, producs and packaging as well as the 'Be N I C E' advertising campaign, web layouts, store furniture design and a promotional film. 


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