Side Hustle/ Theatre Production

Nansica's Liberty Production

  • Hauwau Sonia Bello
  • Tobore Dafiaga

The production looks at the impactful story of the Agooji warriors, who were the all-female army of the Dahomey Kingdom in the 19th century, which is now known as the modern-day Benin Republic. They have been popularised in modern culture as Africa’s very own Amazonians in films such as The Black Panther. They were women who based on their traumatic experiences of the past are no longer accepting the attack on womanhood and taking charge of their freedom and liberty. Based on this compelling history and through the exploration of the traumatic experiences, sisterhood and family relationships of the characters, we aim to send the message of empowerment, speaking out, and providing the knowledge and resources for seeking help for those who have been affected by any forms of sexual harassment and assault.