National Autistic Society - You Can Hack That!

  • Colin Cassidy

Finally! We can tame the media beast, which lurks in all our technology.

Do you find videos are too fast or too slow? Hack it!
National Autism Society asked us for a series of animations that reveal hacks that can help do just that; some sounds are just too loud, some visuals are too fast. They wanted the series to appeal to a sensitive audience with a balance between informational and engaging.
Do you find music overpowers speech in your film? Hack it!
Find the sounds of the self service checkout annoying? Hack it!
Do you find yourself dealing with alot of notifications on your phone? Hack it!
Morgan Powell, Creative Director at Seed, wrote the social media campaign of 4 x 15 sec films that highlights hack situations in a character filled way, whilst also making an engaging feature of the text that is ordinarily demoted to subtitles. Seed called on the services of the talented Pencil Bandit to design and animate the films, which are voiced entirely by Colin Cassidy.