National Trust

  • Kieron Lewis

Protecting the special places that shape special memories

Memories are shaped by the special places in peoples’ lives. National Trust helps protect those places for others to enjoy for years to come, raising the funds to do this through membership and appeals.We use multiple channels to drive member involvement, building communities of interest around specific passions to drive greater member engagement. We also work on more tactical briefs, such as the £1.4m fundraising drive to transform Quarry Bank Mill in Cheshire, where we capitalised on the property’s exposure in Channel 4’s period drama The Mill.
We’ve been busy raising awareness of National Trust’s nationwide campaign, ‘50 Things to do before you’re 11 ¾’. One of those things is going on a night-time walk. Inside this pack children found a poster featuring an illustration of a landscape during the day. But when they flicked off the bedroom light switch at night, the poster, just like nature, really came alive. Powered by phosphorescent ink, nocturnal animals appear below a star-filled sky, capturing the same unexpected excitement of spotting real animals at night. Our family acquisition pack shows an entire year’s worth of days out (so good your kids would plan them). It was singled out at the DMA Awards for ‘Best use of DM’ thanks to it outperforming the control pack by 137%.