Nationwide Degree Show: The Kind Studio Curation

The Nationwide Degree Show is a collection of work from art & design students, who's final year shows have been cancelled due to COVID19. What started as an initiative by Fresh Meet to plaster billboards across the UK with student work, has now resulted in an online collection of over 1000 submissions from over 100 universities and 17 creative disciplines. The Curation Series is a programme of student work selected by industry leaders, creative pioneers and trendsetters. Below you will find a selection of student work curated by Kind Studio, an independent design and creative studio in Brixton, founded by Sean Murphy and James Richards.

Kind Studio is an independent creative practice based in London; multidisciplinary designer-makers working across all areas of graphic design and beyond. Set up by two ambitious designers who have spent several years building a practice around providing beautiful and imaginative design to a wide range of brands, businesses and friends.
James and Sean are passionate about young talent, and are running a remote mentorship scheme for young creative stars. They've also given keynote talks about entering the creative industry and the fears associated with doing so.

#1 - Cavan Rigby

The first selected piece in this curation is a graphic design render by graduate Cavan Rigby.
Sean and James say "We picked this intriguing render because the concept is interesting and we instantly wanted to see more!"
Cavan Rigby, BA Graphic Communication, Bath Spa University.
Cavan explains that this is "A still from a website landing animation, promoting a conceptual amateur radio system designed to bring people together through music, evading the limiting circles and cliques of new/social media."

#2 - Toby Michael Shepard

The second piece selected for this curation is a photography by graphic design graduate Toby Michael Shepard.
Sean and James say "The Sonosythesiser sounds great, immersive experiences are becoming more and more important for a more visually aware audience which peaked our interest in this project."
Toby Michael Shepard, BA Graphic Design, Falmouth University.
Toby says "The Sonosynthesiser is a hand-held immersive experience, able to locate and amplify fragments of sound from as far back as 1907."

#3 - Imi Gash

The third piece for this curation is a sign by graphic design graduate Imi Gash.
Sean and James say "Margaret Calvert would be proud of you. A sign which has become even more poignant given the current pandemic."
Imi Gash, Graphic Design, Kingston School of Art.
Imi says, "And no you cannot nip in and get milk'. What if the authoritative dialect that surrounds us had a voice.  As humans we are conditioned to trust all things that conform to a certain visual language. Designed to make us question the lawful language we are surrounded by, the sign exploit the truths of parking using passive aggressive language."

#4 - Chloe Tunnicliffe

The fourth select for the Kind Studio curation is this graph-design-meets-textile piece by Chloe Tunnicliffe.
James and Sean write "We’re moving into an ever increasingly digital world so it is nice to go back to basics and create something highly creative an craft driven."
Chloe Tunnicliffe, Graphic Design, Staffordshire University.
Chloe says "A Stitch in Time is an exhibition showcasing the social significance of cross stitch samplers throughout the centuries. The main poster for the exhibition was my own cross stitch sampler that explores the different ways samplers have been used. These uses were cataloguing stitch techniques, education and decoration."

#5 - Mansi Katta

The fifth piece selected for this curation is a photographic piece by Mansi Katta.
James and Sean explain "The balance of typography, font choice and image duality make this a great cover."
Mansi Katta, Graphic Communication, Norwich University of the Arts.
Mansi says this was "For a brief on how to tackle the lack of female sexual pleasure; the creative solution uses ambiguous images to show the similarities of lips and the labia (outer lips); giving women the confidence to talk about what they want sexually."

#6 - Marius Trinkunas

The next piece selected for the Kind Studio Curation is by graduate Marius Trinkunas.
Sean and James say "A great idea to showcase yourself and your portfolio across a billboard format. Loved the humour."
Marius Trinkunas, BA Graphic Design, Famouth University.
Marius says "This proposal showcases three of my projects that I have done throughout my last year at Falmouth university. It is a combination of various outcomes from separate projects that all together demonstrates my creative practice."

#7 - Harry Warman

The next selection is a project made by grpahic design graduate Harry Warman.
James and Sean write "Excellent concept and fun communication. Let’s make it happen."
Harry Warman, Graphic Design, Kingston University.
Harry writes "Inflatable London is a project that aims to put wasted roofspaces to good use. By using the hot air expelled from rooftop airconditioning units, fabric windsocks become giant inflatable wayfinding for the capital. From directions to the circle line to where to find your nearest pharmacy, this project aims to revolutionize how we navigate the city."

#8 - Will Reuben

The eighth selection for this curation is a publication designed by Will Reuben.
Sean and James write "Beautifully executed and photographed work with and interesting concept to boot."
Will Reuben, Graphic Design, Kingston School of Art.
Will explains "A two sided publication with essays exploring the representation of masculinity within two creative industries."

#9 - Saskia Vokes

Next in the Kind Studio curation is this graphic design piece by Saskia Vokes.
James and Sean write "No-one wants to be left out and this concept is a great initiative. Make a real prototype and field test it!"
Saskia Vokes, Kingston University.
Saskia says "School children across the UK are being disadvantaged due to familial finances. Unable to afford after school sports, some children are left feeling left out. We wanted to design a football that was made by the children, for the children. Giving them an equal opportunity to play - The game is dictated by the group and not by external situation."

#10 - Ethan Brown, Ben Chamberlain and Ella Flood.

The tenth piece for this Kind Studio curation is a joint project by graduates Ethan Brown, Ben Chamberlain and Ella Flood.
Sean and James write "Excellent renders bring a fun and friendly brand to life."

Ethan Brown, Ben Chamberlain and Ella Flood, Norwich University of the Arts.
Ethan and ben write, "Pure is a conceptual juiced water for kids which encourages them to be creative by spelling with cans and doodling on printed letters. Pure promotes recycling, healthy drinking and creativity – one can at a time."

#11 - Natalia Losowicka

The eleventh selection is a branding piece by graudate Natalia Losowicka.
James and Sean write "The brand has a very calming feel and we are eager to see more!"
Natalia Losowicka, Communication Design, Robert Gordon University.
Natalia explains "RGU Ride is a bike scheme available to students and staff at Robert Gordon University. The brand promotes physical and mental well-being through exercise."
#12 - Piers Thorley
The penultimate selection for this curation is packaging design by graduate Piers Thorley.
Sean and James write "The bottles have great personality and ‘collectability’. The ad is well presented and we can totally see it on a billboard."
Piers Thorley, BA Graphic Design, Nottingham Trent University.
Piers explains "Miller Genuine Draft ‘Made for you’ is a package design led campaign which celebrates diversity and cultures, The 6 M’s represent different personalities and so do the colours used on the Bottles. The colours specifically represent Hispanic and African American cultures as aimed for in the target market of 24-34 year olds. The colourful designs bring a fresh new feel to MGD modernising the look and provides a role for MGD in the Miller portfolio with a fresh new look, changing trends and bringing more energy to the brand to make it more relevant."
#13 - Claudia Aggett
The last selection in this curation is branding design by Claudia Aggett.
James and Sean write "Something fun and quirky, this looks like a brand that we want to interact with. Great palette."
Claudia Aggett, BA Graphic Design, Falmouth University.
Claudia explains the product; "Manchester has long been recognised for its rich musical heritage. Having birthed the likes of The Smiths, Oasis and New Order, the city is known for being a hub for all genres of music, with these iconic names in British pop culture not only putting Manchester on the map, but also paving the way for future generations. New emerging artists prove that Manchester’s music scene continues to thrive, rightfully earning its status as the music capital of the UK. In June 2019, The Institute for Public Policy Research released a report labelling Manchester’s pollution levels as “lethal and illegal”. With this in mind, how can we combine the city’s love of music with a more sustainable mode of transport to tackle Manchester’s air quality crisis?
Introducing 45RPM, Manchester’s revolutionary bike hire scheme in partnership with Spotify – celebrating the city’s rich music culture – past, present and the future. With its name deriving from the most common vinyl single, the 45 (and the records’ revolutions per minute) this dock-based hire scheme encourages an innovative and safe inner-city cycling experience with its fun, pedal-powered musical bikes. So how does it work? At the turn of the bike wheel, music will be played aloud, the song’s tempo determined by the cyclist’s speed and revolutions of the pedals. Simply, the faster the pedalling, the faster the song. This ensures the recommended inner-city cycling speed is always maintained, providing a safe environment for all."
You can find more talent from all of our submissions to the Nationwide Degree Show or through the Fresh Meet profile.
You can also visit the artists of this curation in the project credits below.

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