Natura Chronos // #2old4This

  • Cezar Coscelli

“You’re never too old to live the best version of yourself.”

Natura Chronos questions standards imposed on women in its #velhapraisso (#2old4this) campaign
The brand's compelling digital communication confronts age-related prejudice, emphasizing women's individual choices

(The TrendHunter USA) As a pioneer in questioning beauty standards and behavior, Chronos – the skincare line of Brazilian cosmetics company Natura – deconstructs prejudice in its new digital campaign #velhapraisso (#2old4this), launched this October. The campaign was created by SalveTribal, the digital marketing agency of ABC, part of Omnicom Group. Based on 6 inspiring real stories (as seen on the video above), Chronos invites all women to share their experiences and to participate in a movement that values identity and freedom of choice, regardless of age. The brand trail blazed this question more than twenty years ago with the launch of the “Mulher Bonita de Verdade” (Truly Beautiful Woman) campaign, with real women of different ages. Client: Natura Agency: Salve Product: Natura Chronos Campaign: #velhapraisso ( #2old4this ) My role: concept, creative idea, film script, head of copy, ACD Credit to: Laís, Ricardo, James (creatives), Taiana (production), Jana, Mari, Min (accounts), Mazi, Arantes (strategy), Debs (content), Rafa (media) Video Production Company: Corazon Filmes Directors: Bel&Ju Cinematography: Will Etchebehere Sound Production Company: Lucha Libre Producer: Paulinho Corcione e Equipe Lucha Accounts: Dani Celer e Thais Urenha Approved by (Natura): Elisa Calvo, Karen Silva, Cassiano Rezende, Fernanda Martins Rol, Renato Winnig Update: some Chronos’ earned media

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