NeN - the energy provider you'll be actually glad to see around

  • Liubov Timofeeva

NeN is a digital attacker of a large Italian utility company a2a Energia. I applied myself in the market and consumer trend research, - as well as the conceptualization of the way the service works, the brand idea and TOV as a pat of Landor Milan team. NeN is an Italy-first 100% green, 100% digital, subscription-based, hassle-free electricity and gas provider. Utility providers are often not-that-welcome participants of our home life, so I wondered - what would be a brand personality you would actually want to see in your home? The brand is built as an antithesis to the traditional utility image: it's laid-back, it's playful, it adapts to your habits, and it's refreshingly honest and transparent. Landor design team embodied that spirit in a bold, colorful, dynamic identity, and NeN communication team supports it each day through it's humorous, challenging, startling social media posts and commercials. We had an opportunity to provide our input for the service offering as well, and we want it to be the simplest, most transparent, and fair thing possible. NeN works as a subscription-based model that provides a flat monthly price, adjusting it each year on the basis of your consumption, while providing you personalized tips to make your habits more sustainable. It also offsets all your CO2 emissions.

Less than a year after the launch, NeN has around 10k app downloads, and 8k Instagram followers.
Have you ever followed your utility provider on Instagram? That's because it wasn't us who branded it.