NERA Brunch Collection

NERA first collection has been inspired by our love for brunch and how we want all the girls to have their go-to brunch outfit. Nora and I designed every single piece by ourselves. We worked closely with local artisans in creating the product that we hope you will love.
At NERA, we take extra care in who makes our clothes, what materials we use and how we package our products.
We used as many sustainable fabrics as possible. This ranges from surplus polyesters to Tencel and non-sulfur dyed cotton.
We only work with small local factory that hires artisans who were underpaid and empower them through new career opportunities. The factory operates on a fair-trade basis.
We use biodegradable postage package to make sure that we minimize our impact on the mother nature as much as possible.
"Dignity by Quality" - DDC
We have also collaborated with DDC, a state-run organization in Thailand that provide career development for people living with disabilities. Our tote bags thus kill 2 birds in 1 stone:
1. All of our totes are made by people living with disabilities and for every bag made by each individual, not only do they get a financial reward but also a sense of pride, purpose of living and a proof that they, too, can have an achievement of their own.
2. Our totes are made from canvas fabric which makes them very durable. The big inner space of the tote makes it a perfect substitute for shopping bag. No more plastic bag for groceries! Let's tackle global warming!


Neal Tantisukrit

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  • Co-founder of The Nera Project, MSc Student at ICL

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