Netflix: Topboy Live

  • Chibuikem Akata
  • Fran Martin

Worked on the visual direction for the Top Boy Live event marking the launch of S2 The aim was to set the visual tone for all the visuals on the day, and leading up to it. All the projections, title screens, promo content + more.

Creative Agency: @futurimpose Creative Director: @ollie_ranger Creative Strategist: @rohanicoombes Project Director: @ollersophie Creative Producer: @uncle_ben_aka Production Manager: @billydavro Design: @roydonmisseldine @lkhare @whatwhitterssaw @murraypalmer Motion Design: @aychibs Photography: @hetteyimages Videography: @aychibs @ladi.andrew Copywriter: @markrfountain Exhibition photographers + exhibitors: @jpearsonhowes @jjmworldwide @willrs @ellie_ramsden @nolicenceshop Special thanks to @selinasuze @lightfootharry @maudechurchill @mialimmontesdeoca @zhennyjang @pbircham @petepondeclubb