NEW DESIGNERS 2020 - UNIVERSITY OF BRIGHTON: BA (Hons) Fashion & Textile Design

Our graduating students on the BA(Hons) Textile Design with Business Studies degrees at the University of Brighton are highly skilled individuals in their chosen textile specialisms of knit, print and weave. They have gained considerable knowledge of the textiles industries through the four years of the degree which includes a year of professional experience through the integrated work placement programme. On the degree they also gain a broad knowledge of textile and fashion history and contemporary design and a detailed understanding of sustainable business practice relevant to the fashion and textiles industries. This has culminated in a contextual dissertation and a business plan relating to their final textile collection. For their final collections, each student has responded to their own set brief through the initiation of innovative design solutions within the discipline of their textiles specialism. This is achieved through extensive research and design development underpinning the design process, ensuring relevance in a contemporary context. Through individual explorations, the students have demonstrated the importance of material, process and technical knowledge for the development of innovative textile design. This degree programme at the University of Brighton has a long history of producing graduating students who are unique in the industry as they are able to operate as highly creative and highly skilled designers with a realistic understanding of industry and business. The staff team are extremely proud of 2020’s graduating students and wish them every success in their future careers. Dr. Caterina Radvan Acting Course Leader

Image: June Srinurak, University of Brighton