esme glazebrook

Fashion DesignerLondon, United Kingdom
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esme glazebrook

Fashion DesignerLondon, United Kingdom
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  • Metempsychosis - Accessory Collection
    Metempsychosis - Accessory CollectionThis accessory collection, uses the samples, the rich golden colour pallet and the sharp, angular silhouettes from the catwalk collection 'Metempsychosis'.
  • NEW DESIGNERS 2020 - UNIVERSITY OF BRIGHTON: BA (Hons) 3D Design & Craft
    NEW DESIGNERS 2020 - UNIVERSITY OF BRIGHTON: BA (Hons) 3D Design & Craft3D Design & Craft is a well-established course, premised on the notion that making is central to creativity and how creativity manifests in society, culture, economy and the environment. Students embrace a diverse approach across the spectrum of three-dimensional creative practice, including ceramics, jewellery, products and furniture.
  • NEW DESIGNERS 2020 - UNIVERSITY OF BRIGHTON: BA (Hons) Fashion & Textile Design
    NEW DESIGNERS 2020 - UNIVERSITY OF BRIGHTON: BA (Hons) Fashion & Textile DesignOur graduating students on the BA(Hons) Textile Design with Business Studies degrees at the University of Brighton are highly skilled individuals in their chosen textile specialisms of knit, print and weave. They have gained considerable knowledge of the textiles industries through the four years of the degree which includes a year of professional experience through the integrated work placement programme. On the degree they also gain a broad knowledge of textile and fashion history and contem
  • Metempsychosis - Diffusion line
    Metempsychosis - Diffusion lineThis collection is inspired by the need for more high-fashion office/workwear. It’s aimed at business women, it’s designed for the fashionable working women of society. It’s a line inspired by ‘Metempsychosis’ with a more refreshed spring/summer colour palette. The silhouettes have aspects taken and diffused from the original, catwalk collection, with the use of extended shoulders and strong angular lines throughout. It reflects power and dressing to impress, by using the diamond chainmail and c
  • Graduate Collection - 'Metempsychosis'
    Graduate Collection - 'Metempsychosis'My collection is called ‘Metempsychosis’ which means the transmission of souls between bodies which was inspired by my leaving of my family home when I aged 16 due to an abusive alcoholic mother - end of one life and onto the new and beautifully revised one. It’s inspired by reincarnation. The Diamond Dress is a showcase of beauty, hardware and protection paying homage to the rise of my built-up self after leaving behind dark times. The collection draws inspiration from Egyptian jewellery and st
  • Fashion Photography Shoot
    Fashion Photography ShootShoot with University of Brighton fashion students. In this shoot, I modelled clothes made by a student, inspired by Japanese industrialism and working-class fashion.
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