New Look - A Date Night

  • Teresa Villar

New Look Daily is a platform for editorial content that educates and inspires on fashion and trends. A way to create a conversation with the customer offering daily editorial content that reacts to cultural news, stories and events. “A date night” is a fashion editorial created while working at New Look for Valentine's Day, the main purpose of the page was driving sales by inspiring people showing them different ways to dress up depending on the plan for this occasion.

Image Treatment

Having various shots for each scenario allowed the design to be more playful. For desktop the layout was a grid of images suggesting some camera film and for mobile the images would gif through to capture the customers attention.
Mobile Experience

85% of New Look customers access the site through their mobile phones, therefore the design was created with this screen size in mind as a priority.
Multiple Devices

Considering that tablets were one of the most popular devices used by visitors, the design had to be flexible enough to fit this screen size maintaining the same quality of shopping experience. This was reached by using live text and plain coded backgrounds.