New Residents on Rinse (Jun - Sep 2019)

  • Cahal Naughton

Rinse FM has been a bastion of high end sonic output for the last quarter century. A taste-making institution, not just in the UK but globally. Never slowing with innovation, in the summer of 2019, Rinse announced their latest wave of New Residents. For the intake, a total of 52 new artists were added to the bill covering a plethora of musical genres all loosely fitting under the umbrella term electronic music. Drawing from the furthest corners of dance music, the line-up was stacked in typical east-London style.

Among the new additions were New Zealand via Peckham bros Chaos in the CBD (pictured below), London Native ELLES and Bunker Club NY alumni Justin Cudmore (pictured second down).
Then Luca Lozano’s wonky rhythms, Machine Woman’s dance floor driven techno alongside Hessle Audio stalwart Pangaea returning with his own stand alone show.
Long serving Rekids boss Radio Slave and Leftfield selector Roman Flügel sit next to newcomers CEM and Mor Elian, with Jensen Interceptor and ASOK bringing the punchier end of techno.
Bristol based label Dr Banana's forgotten garage gems and Bala Bala Boyz Congolese-tinged party jams accompany Bristol don DJ Polo and the ever-euphoric Bambii (pictured above). While BBK’s Maximum (pictured below) solidifies the line-up, no doubt reaching for his black book packed full of exclusive special guests that only few selectors could deliver.
Listen to the full list of shows from the campagin below.