NewsIQ - Telling a compelling story.

  • Steven Chen

Insight: News IQ was launched in December 2017 by its US parent company News Corporation (News Corp). It is a platform that allows advertisers to build a deeper "psychological connection" with readers and drive "emotional loyalty". Their original site was no more than a single page with no functionality. We were tasked to help redesign the site so that visitors can quickly understand the purpose of News IQ and the value it can provide to their business. I worked with Senior Designer James Green, User Experience Designer Menglu Gao and Chief Executive Officer Robert Kennedy.

Challenge: We were essentially given a clean slate with only the existing brand guide to be loosely followed. The project came with a short deadline, meaning there was huge scope for us to improve the site but very little time to fully explore the possibilities. It was not possible to share the background of the product with the public, making it challenging to convey what the platform is and how it works. As the client and my team were based in the US, there was a time zone difference between me and the other professionals I was working with.
Idea: Wireframes were drawn initially to establish a stronger page flow, highlight the unique selling point, outline key stats and share the overall vision with the user. We then gathered ideas to create mood board and used them to develop three different concepts that introduced new visual elements. Each had a unique theme such as “Digital Cells” and “Game changer”. By going through design meeting with these elements, we were able to better understand our client’s preference and adjust our approach accordingly. We avoided using stock imagery and focused on abstract shapes to provide the client with visual assets that offered stronger ownership. The team communicated via Slack and Zoom to minimize the impact of time differences.