Night at the Museum: The British Museum and OPERA Exhibition Designers Arctic Exhibition Film

  • Isaac Macpherson

I assisted photographer and videographer Richard Waite on a shoot for British and Museum's recent Arctic exhibition. Shooting after opening hours in OPERA's jaw-dropping exhibition space was such a memorable experience. From ancient mammoth ivory sculpture to modern refitted snowmobiles, the objects in this immersive exhibition reveal the creativity and resourcefulness of Indigenous Peoples in the Arctic. Developed in collaboration with Arctic communities, the exhibition celebrates the ingenuity and resilience of Arctic Peoples throughout history. It tells the powerful story of respectful relationships with icy worlds and how Arctic Peoples have harnessed the weather and climate to thrive. Using steady cams and dolly tracks, we structured the video around each distinctive area of the exhibition. I also was commissioned to edit and colour grade the final video, given access to the exhibitions hauntingly beautiful arctic soundscape.